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Fall 2020

Focus: How Prophecy Ignites Hunger For God

Main Session

How Prophecy Ignites Hunger for God

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 1

Encountering God Through Sung Worship

Julie Dirkse

Breakout 2

Seeing God Move Through Prophetic Words

Paul Maconochie

Breakout 3

Hearing Stories That Inspire

Andrew Booth



Chris Norman

Fall 2019

Focus: Leading in Both Word and Spirit

Teaching Input 1

Leading People While Being Led By the Spirit

Practicing Prophecy and Praying for Healing

Paul Maconochie

Teaching Input 2

Leading People Through the Word

Practical Skills from Low Bar to High Bar

Chris Norman

Q & A Panel

Examples of Living and Leading Day-to-Day


Chris and Kathy Norman, Steve and Stephanie Terry, Scott Jester, Paul Maconochie

Spring 2019

Focus: Missional Hospitality

Teaching Input 1

Principles in Missional Hospitality

Chris Norman

Teaching Input 2

Practices in Missional Hospitality

Elly Maconochie


Missional Vision for Multisite

Chris Norman & Steve Terry

Fall 2018

Focus: Being a Disciple

Teaching Input 1

From Delivery to Development

Chris Norman

Video 1

Grace Gathering’s Story

Chris and Kathy Norman

Video 2

We Are Church

Credit to Francis Chan, Letters to the Church.

Video 3

Tia’s Story