Our Partnerships

Both as a church and as Missional Communities, we support local and overseas mission organizations who are impacting people for Kingdom of God. Below are a current list of these affiliations.

Partner With Us


The vision of 3DM is to change the world by putting mission and discipleship back in the hands of everyday people.  We partner with 3DM to do exactly that in our local context and through the resources of books, coaching, learning communities and relationships, we have grown in the areas of missional discipleship.  Additionally, we are a part of a network of churches (3DM Network) across the country that are also pursuing the same discipleship, community and missional DNA that 3DM helps foster.

Empowered International

Empowered International creates and inspires hope by empowering and equipping young adults in Third World environments throughout the world (presently in Haiti). This is done through missional discipleship and business training in order to give opportunity and develop long-lasting, sustainable change.

Shepherd’s House

Transitional housing in Fort Wayne that assists veterans in rebuilding their lives so they can be sober and productive assets in the community.

Campus Life

Campus Life High School and Middle School programs offer hope, encouragement and love to teens living in a turbulent culture. It is during these times that Campus Life/YFC staff reveal Biblical truth as it relates to daily living.


This organization exists to help individuals and families in an unexpected financial crisis by being present in the time of need and helping them to rise above and get back on their feet toward a bright future.

Project 216

Formerly known as Kid’s Against Hunger, this food aid organization shows God’s love by empowering the community to provide highly nutritious food to people suffering from hunger around the world. Meals are packaged by local volunteers and delivered through worldwide partners.


Bringing the hope of Jesus, through relationship and community, to those Village of Hanna housing in Fort Wayne who have been dramatically impacted by poverty, addiction and violence.


A local ministry in Fort Wayne that helps people in need, offers hope through relationship with Jesus and promotes personal responsibility.